Privacy Policies

The Moire Resort believes that all applicants are future partners. For those who wish to apply for employment, we have set up a place to provide company information regardless of the selection of recruitment so as to help with optimal career selection, personal information to be kept complying within strict guidelines while paying the sincerest attention in handling private information.

Purpose of utilization

Moire Resort will use personal information and provide corporate information for the purposes that follow.

1.To provide company information

2.For providing information of company events and management related reasons

3.For recruitment selection and contact

Scope of personal information

Personal information means the following items that can directly or indirectly identify individuals whom have applied for employment at the Moire Resort. Please be forewarned that items submitted to us such as resume, C.V. etc. will not be returned to the applicant.

1.Name, age, date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail address, various documents (resume, job history, etc.)

2.Other information that can easily collate other information and thereby identify a specific individual.

Providing personal information to a third party

The Moire Resort without obtaining the consent of the applicant in advance will not provide personal information of the applicant to third parties other than outsourcing partners unless exceptions are approved by law.

Handling of personal information

Personal information you entrusted from applicants will be managed properly and carefully, and reasonable protection measures will be taken to prevent the risk of leakage, loss, misuse, alteration and unauthorized access. In addition, we will make efforts to ensure safety by security technology such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted communication to avoid interception by a third party in communication.

About disclosure and alteration of personal information

The Moire Resort only when requested by applicant will disclose personal information without delay by following the procedures set a forth for releasing such information.

Also, if we are asked to correct, add or delete, information we will investigate without delay and make necessary corrections etc. based on the results. In order to prevent leakage and rewriting of personal information to others than the applicant, we will verify the identity in case of request of disclosure / correction etc.

Legal compliance and improvements

To ensure personal information protection, Moire Resort will comply with personal information related laws and regulations. We also continuously improve compliance programs and maintain the best conditions at all times through opportunities such as internal audits.

Information desk

For inquiries regarding this policy and requests for disclosure / correction of personal information, please contact the following.


Privacy policy of Moire Resort recruitment contact inquiries

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