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From Shima onto the world.
We are waiting for challengers who dream of creating a “happy place”

What is the one and only hope that people wish for around the world?


It is “Happiness”.


The feeling of happiness has changed throughout the generations but has not changed in fulfilment of the heart and giving joy of life.


The Moire Resort aims for this exact point of creating a place that gives “happiness”.


Ise-Shima is nurtured by the ocean and sylvan charm and has a rich history.


Especially the Kashiko Island is such a beautiful town that is often compared to a pearl necklace.


The Moire Resort that was born in this place cherishing the spirit of learning from the past and opening up a new future.


Which is known as “Tokowaka” or regeneration.


The universal happiness rooted in this spreads infinitely from customer to regions and to the world.


In order to realize this ideal, it is not only important that each employee has hospitality, challenging spirit and new ideas they are all essential.


Moire Resort which makes a “place of happiness”, will cooperate with anyone who shares our ideals hand in hand to use this as a model case in the accommodation industry that begins in Shima and spreads throughout the world.




Moire Resort Co., Ltd.
Representative director Hiroki Mitsuhashi

Ryokan RAKAN

Ryokan RAKAN (2021 OPEN)